TZCard Union Pay International Prepaid Card

TZCard is a form of payment, which is rising in popularity, to meet user requirements and market needs.
For various requirements, including but not limited to, everyday purchases, traveling overseas, gift-giving, charitable donations, studying abroad, prevention of over spending.
From everyday purchases to business-related expenses, TZCard for multiple uses are safer and more convenient than using cash.

TZCard is widely accepted in 170 countries.

How to apply TZCard?
1:Each TZCard will be charged 100 USD. Kindly transfer 100 USD from your TZPay account to 60888888.

2: Once successfully transferred, go to “History” at the lower left corner to take a screenshot of the 100 USD transfer record.

3: After screenshot, go to to apply for the TZCard.
4: After entering the page, fill up the information in “Application” and upload the screenshot of the 100 USD transfer record to the “Payment Slip Image” in the last column of the form.

5: After the info details has been completely filled up and the screenshot is successfully uploaded, click Submit.
6: You may receive call/SMS from the customs clearance/shipping company requesting for your identity verification. Your cooperation is much appreaciated.
*Any return due to unreachable card receiver by the shipping company will be charged an additional USD 50 if you wish to resend the TZCard. 7. Application Fee is non-refundable upon payment except in the event that application is rejected by TZPay.

- All fields in the application form must be filled up.
- TZPay ID must include country code.

How to check TZCard Application status?
1:Log on to
2:Click “Check Application” on the left column.
3:After entering the page, key in your full TZPay ID and click “Search”
**Search Result**
Pending / Approved / Reject

How long will the TZCard delivery takes?
Once your application is successful and being couriered, thereafter TZCard shall only be delivered to you within 2-3 weeks (depending on your address location). However, if your application failed, you have to undergo the resubmission application form process again.

After received the TZCard, what should you do?
After received the TZCard, kindly log on to to complete the registration. You may click on TZCard to Top Up from TZPay Apps and start using the TZCard after registration completed.

Kindly click on, look for Step 1 - Step 3 for the registration and identity verification process guides. (Step 4 - Step 5 are not applicable.)

- Please note that TZCard's top-up is only doable by own registered account owner only.
- Hence, any top-up that found to be different from TZCard's registered account owner will be rejected instantly.

Fees and Charges
TZCard's Charges as follow:
Card Fee: 100 USD (this is for card purchase fee & delivery fee)
Annual Fee: 50 USD (auto annual deduction from balance amount)
Top-Up Fee: FREE
TZPay's Transaction Fee: FREE
Balance inquiry via FREE
Balance inquiry via ATM: 7 USD for each inquiry
Lost Card/Replacement: 100 USD (inclusive delivery fee)
Maximum card balance: 10,000 USD
Maximum transaction per month: 10,000 USD
Each user can only apply for 1 card
If you need to apply for more than one TZCard, please contact TZPay customer service.
Bank charges and exchange rate applies, when performing transaction at ATM machine.